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Top Ten most expensive football trophies in the world 2022



The world cup is the number one among the most expensive football trophies in the world

Top Ten most expensive football trophies in the world 2022

Not everyone is a fan of football but so many are fans of the sport. Being the most supported sport in the world and having the most fan base far more than any sports history. The game of football in its nature comes along with several competitions which indeed which has trophies attached to them.

As a big-time football fan have you ever wondered what are the most expensive football trophies in the world are so far in 2022. Here in this post is a list of some of the most expensive trophies in the game of soccer.


English Premier League trophy

10. The English Premier League Trophy- ($10,000)
It is the least on our list with a worth of $10,000. The trophy award is the tenth most expensive despite its huge popularity in the game of football. It is originally opened for all English teams and only one winner goes with the trophy. In terms of the most successful team with the highest Premier League Trophy wins you should probably be looking at Manchester United, the team have won the award 20 times in total.


UEFA Champions League

9. The UEFA Champions League Trophy- ($15,000)
It appears to be the world’s most prestigious award and as well one of the most valuable trophy awards in the whole of Europe. The UEFA Champions League Trophy Award is an award given only to the most outstanding European team. It was designed by Jürg Stadelmann near the then UEFA headquarters, Berne. It weighs 7.5 kilograms and stands at a height of 73.5 centimetres.
Real Madrid football club is the most successful winner of the Trophy having won it on 13 different occasions.

Bundesliga trophy

8. Bundesliga Trophy- ($57,102)
This is a German trophy awarded only to the victor of the German Bundesliga, the award was first introduced in 1964 when FC Klon won the League. FC Bayern Munich is the team with the highest number of wins winning it 18 times since its inception. The trophy is insured for a sum of €50,000 (about $57,102). The shield was designed by the renowned art professor, Elisabeth Treskow.


Serie A trophy

7. The Serie A Trophy-($66,000)
Is among the list of the most expensive football trophies, the funnel-shaped tall trophy is originally given to the Italian league Champions. It’s referred to as the “Scuddeto” meaning “little shield “. The trophy was designed by the sculptor Etorre Calvelli in 1960. it weighs 8 kilograms and recently underwent a makeover making it 58 centimetres tall. Its worth is over $66,000


Top Ten most expensive football trophies in the world 2022 1 Sportelo

A picture shows the 2019 African Cup of Nations trophy ahead of the final football match between Senegal and Algeria at the Cairo Stadium in Cairo, Egypt on July 19, 2019 (Photo by Ahmed Awaad/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

6. The AFCON Trophy( African Cup Of Nations)- ($150,000)

This is the biggest ceremonial football award held on the continent. It usually involves all countries in Africa who compete in a tournament for the trophy, it is held every three years.
The original trophy was the Abdelaziz Abdallah Salem Trophy, named after the first CAF (Confederation of African Football) president and in the custody of Egypt after they were granted the right to keep it permanently.
The most successful AFCON winner is Egypt with Senegal being the winner of the trophy in 2022.

Greatest Ballon d'Or winners in the 21st Century

5. The Ballon d’Or Trophy- ($805,439)
Ranks at number five, the fifth most expensive football trophies closely followed by the FA Cup trophy award. The Ballon d’Or award is given to the best player in a calendar year and it usually calls for nominations. it is known as the most prestigious individual award.

The footballer with the highest vote is awarded the trophy. The Ballon d’Or trophy is made by a renowned French jewelling house known as Mellerio dits, Meller.

Facts about the Ballon d’Or award
Lionel Andres Messi popular known as Lionel Messi is the highest Ballon d’Or, winner with 7 awards followed by Portuguese star player Christiano Ronaldo who has 5 Ballon D’or awards.


FA trophy

4. The FA Cup Trophy-($1.180million)
The FA Cup is the fourth position on the most expensive football trophies in the two to be won by any football team. It is made of 6.3 kilograms of sterling 925 silver and is 61.5 centimetres tall.
The trophy is said to be worth $1.180million. The first team to have first won the award in the history of football is the Arsenal team and the Arsenal team also stand to be the most successful team, when it comes to this trophy in particular ( In total they have won the FA Cup trophy 14 times since its inception in football)


Europa League trophy

3. The UEFA Europa League trophy-($4.5milion)
Third on the list with a worth of $4.5million. The Europa league is not just one of the most expensive trophies in football but it is also the biggest trophy award in the whole of Europe.
It was designed and made in 1972 by a man known as Bertoni and it’s made of silver, sitting on a yellow marble base.
It is a trophy awarded to the best performing team in Europe in one tournament, it’s whole competition involves a total of 58 clubs and stats shows that Sevilla with over 6 UEFA wins is the most successful club so far with the trophy.

Copa America trophy

2. The Copa America Trophy-($8.5million)
Is the second most expensive trophy closely following the FIFA World Cup award? It appears to be the biggest football trophy award in North America, the Copa America trophy award(Copa Libertadores de America) is worth a value of $8.5million which ranks it as the second most expensive trophy award any football team can win. The trophy comes with a purely made silver cup which is usually given to the best team in the whole of South America.

Top Ten most expensive football trophies in the world 2022 2 Sportelo

A replica of the FIFA World Cup Trophy on the banks of the Corniche, overlooking the skyline of Doha in Qatar. The country of Qatar won the bidding to be host nation of the FIFA World Cup tournament in 2022 (Photo by Matthew Ashton/AMA/Corbis via Getty Images)

1. The FIFA World Cup Trophy-($20million)
Is undoubtedly the most expensive football trophies among others, any team can win as long as the game of football is concerned. The FIFA World Cup trophy is the biggest trophy award and it is worth a staggering $20,000,000 the trophy is usually given to the most outstanding and brilliant performing team in a tournament. Only one winner of a tournament is entitled to this award, France won the last World Cup held in 2018.

Facts to know about the FIFA World Cup trophy
It is a ceremonial french trophy award that is usually held every four years, the last one was held in 2018 and the next will be in 2022 I
The trophy was created in the mid-1970s in 1974 to be precise by an Italian artist.
The most successful FIFA World Cup winner appears to be Brazil, the country has won more of the trophy than any other country has since its inception.
Winning teams often receive a gold-coated replica of the original cup.

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