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Top 6 fastest soccer players in the world 2022



Julian Mbappe is no.1 amongst the fastest soccer players in the world

Who are Top 6 fastest soccer players in 2022

Have you ever wondered who the fastest Soccer players are in history? Some players could be skilful, but having great speed is quite different from being skilful, only a few talented players can maintain a high sprinting speed on the pitch.

As of 2018 record had it that at 33 years old Cristiano Ronaldo was the fastest soccer player, reaching a staggering pace of about 33.9mph/hr.

Football as a game requires agility, stamina, strength and speed, the fourth attribute is very important to always keep you on track with the ball. If you are to beat your opponent, maybe a little more speed should be in place.

Here in this post, we will be looking at some of the top fastest Soccer players presently.


Adams Traore

6. Adama Traore(22.15km/hr): Is another talented soccer racer, in fact, racing is what he does best. Adama Traore is famously known as the fastest player in the premier league, this title he has achieved. He was one time beaten by Southampton Adam Armstrong who broke a record of reaching a massive pace of 22.15km per hour at the time Adam outstandingly reached the peak of 22.12km per hour making him second in place. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the world’s fastest soccer players.


Inaki Williams

5. Inaki Williams(35.6km/hr): Nothing can be quite interesting and appealing to the eyes than watching a player outrunning his opponent. This list will be partial if this talented European player is not on it. Williams is a player that is nearly impossible to outrun when in full force, agility, strength complemented with speed makes him listed among the top fastest soccer players. Achieving a pace of 35.6km per hour is a nearly impossible task for most players, but that he does almost every time.

Top 6 fastest soccer players in the world 2022 3 Sportelo

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – MARCH 12: Marcus Rashford of Manchester United reacts during the Premier League match between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford on March 12, 2022 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

4. Marcus Rashford( 36.6km/hr): The Manchester United ( the red devils) forward is known not only as one of the fastest players in recent times but, also as the fastest player in his club Manchester United. Marcus has created an outstanding record of reaching a staggering pace of about 36.6km/hr and this feat achieved by the talented player seems to be the most ever seen by any Manchester United player.

Top 6 fastest soccer players in the world 2022 4 Sportelo

ORLANDO, UNITED STATES – JANUARY 10: Berrio of Flamengo during the match between Ajax and Flamengo at the Orlando City Stadum on January 10, 2019 in Orlando United States (Photo by Laurens Lindhout/Soccrates/Getty Images)

3. Orlando Berrio:(36km/hr):He might not be a renowned player for most people but his brilliance and lightning speed pave way for him to be one of the elites when talking about players with lightning speed. Orlando Berrio can easily run at a perfect speed of exactly 36km per hour. This is not just a feat but, one that some other players definitely can’t reach.

Top 6 fastest soccer players in the world 2022 5 Sportelo


2. Gareth Bale(36.9km/hr): This talented athlete is listed on this list as second, when it comes to racing, Gareth Bale seems to be a hard time runner. His super speed has been able to make him rank as one of the players with the most super speed in football history. As a matter of fact, the Real Madrid winger can reach an incredibly 36.9km/hr making him appear as one of the world’s fastest soccer players in recent times.

Julian Mbappe

1. Kylian Mbappe(36.2km/hr): When it comes to “Who has a lightning speed movement in football presently?”, What comes to mind should be the young talented PSG player Kylian Mbappe. Currently, he is the fastest soccer player in the world having the ability to reach 10.6 meters in a second, which is not just a feat but, a jaw-dropping one.

At age 21, Kylian Mbappe is unarguably the fastest football player in the world just some way far from being at the same Sprint speed pace as the Jamaican runner Usain Bolt. He achieved the feat of sprinting at 27.8mph, creating the record for being the fastest human in history in 2009.

What other names should be added to the list?.
And you can kindly leave a comment on who you think should be the world’s fastest soccer player.