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Liverpool transfer: Liverpool wait for signal to sign £70m ‘exceptional’ player they’ve wanted for years



Moises Calciedo

Liverpool transfer: Liverpool wait for signal to sign £70m ‘exceptional’ player they’ve wanted for years

Liverpol are waiting on a signal to sign Moisés Caicedo, according to reports. The Brighton midfield is in high demand.

This is from 90 minutes. According to them, Moisés Caicedo has interest from a number of clubs for the 2023 season.

Prior to mentioning Liverpool, Newcastle United, Manchester United, and Arsenal as potential suitors, they initially mention Chelsea. However, the same thing is being awaited by all five clubs.

Moses Caicedo

Moses Caicedo (Getty Images)

That is Brighton’s way of saying they’re willing to do business here. There seems to be a feeling that the signal will ultimately come, but it might not this month.

Simply put, Brighton doesn’t think a good bid will come in January. After this season, Caicedo’s contract has two more years left, so there isn’t really a need to sell.

They’ll think they have a good chance of keeping him until at least the summer, when there will undoubtedly be a furious bidding war for his services.

Liverpool pursues Moisés Caicedo

This obviously agrees with the CEO of Brighton, Paul Barber, who made remarks this week. He said to Ben Jacobs that Caicedo hasn’t received any offers and that he doesn’t want to part with his “outstanding” player.

Additionally, it seems as though Liverpool is currently unable to support him. The Athletic believe that the Reds would not be willing to pay the £70 million price tag, saying as much. Therefore, it may not be so much that they “can’t” as that they “won’t.”

But Liverpool do like Caicedo as a player. According to reports, they’ve liked him for at least a few.

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