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“the world’s best manager’: Jurgen Klopp makes huge  Pep Guardiola claim ahead of Man City vs Liverpool clash



"the world's best manager': Jurgen Klopp makes huge  Pep Guardiola claim ahead of Man City vs Liverpool clash 1 Sportelo

“the world’s best manager’: Jurgen Klopp makes huge Pep Guardiola claim ahead of Man City vs Liverpool clash

Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp admits Manchester City manager ” is the world best ” and he could’ve won more titles had Pep not been in the same league.

Liverpool takes on Manchester City on Sunday, in what many consider the biggest game of the season in the Premier League.

Before the game, Jurgen Klopp shared his thoughts on going toe-to-toe with Pep Guardiola over the past decade and revealed how much he enjoys preparing for the games against his teams.

“If I would be a different person I would probably be a little bit depressed about the fact that Pep Guardiola is constantly coaching these kinds of teams. Maybe in Dortmund, we could’ve won more titles if Pep wouldn’t have been at Bayern.

“Now, it is pretty much the same, imagine if he would not be here, we probably could’ve won at least one more league title. But I am not like this, thank God. So, I am completely happy with our situation. I respect a lot what they do, it’s an insane football team. And, for me, the world’s best manager.

“So, that’s a combination which makes it quite tricky. But, the good news, is they are human beings as well. So, we all feel in moments. We do, they do. You have to be strong enough to be there when they are ready to play, let me say, or to be the reason. That’s how it is..”

“I couldn’t respect more what they are doing,” Klopp said. “I like watching them. I cannot say I love a lot of opponents or competitors, but I really like watching City.

“So, always when we play them, the analysis is a mix of serious work and real joy. it’s fantastic.”

Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

The German tactician added that city plays in a special way with sensational players, while also stating that his team a within touching distance of the Citizens.

“It’s, like, the next level: where can you go with the football team? They set it up in a special way. They make it really difficult. They make the pitch big in moments. They make the pitch small in the right moments. They have sensational individuals and all these kinds of things. That’s the truth.

“I cannot hide that. But the good thing is we are not too bad as well. So that helps, obviously, to keep us at a good distance at least.”

The outcome of the Sunday clash between both teams may not be a deciding factor in determining who wins the title, but it will help boost the team’s morale for the rest of the season.

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