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What do you know about Mixed Gender football in England 



What do you know about Mixed gender football and the Benefits

What do you know about Mixed gender football and the Benefits

The term mixed gender football is a type of football sport where both sexes get involved in playing the game, by both sexes. I mean both the male and female gender involved in playing the sport as the case may be.

Football as a game in general stands to be the most valuable and most supported sport in the world. I don’t think there’s any country or region in the world where the game of football isn’t practiced. Here, in this post, we will extensively be looking in-depth into the matter of mixed gender football.

1. Brief history of football
2. What is mixed gender football
3. Will mixed gender football ever be successful
4. Benefits of a mixed gender football

1. Brief history of football
The game of football is a very old game, which originated about 3000 years ago in early ancient Greek, then it was played by a team of players who used an inflated pig bladder as the ball. Over centuries, the sport was redefined to what we now know currently as soccer in most of the world.

But, the record has it that modern football sport was developed in England. In 1871, the Football Association Challenge Cup became the first hosted footage competition. In 1867, Argentina became the first country where the game of football was hosted outside the continent of Europe.

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The Europeans changed what was practiced by the ancient Greeks as football thereby modifying its system to suit civilization, leading to its tremendous growth in other parts of the world outside of the Europe continent. The next place to have experienced football in its early civilized era should be regions in Northern America.

What do you know about Mixed Gender football in England  3 Sportelo

2. What is Mixed gender football?

This is one of the most uncertain issues that occur rarely. A mixed gender football is a type of game where individuals of the opposite sex play the sport together, without any form of restrictions or bias.

3. Will mixed gender football ever be successful?
Since the inception of football, they have never been a combination of players from two opposite sex to play a game. It’s either a men’s team or a women’s team, nothing such as a mixed-gender thing that doesn’t exist in the game of football.

Football originally started as male dominant kind of sport but during its revolution. It has to be a neutral sector, where both males and females can enjoy playing the sport. As soon as the game of football went popular other women’s football bodies sprout out to make what we see as women’s football.

Despite, the fact that men’s football remains very popular and the most supported, women’s football is as well paving its way and is growing in fan base enormously.

So the question is this ” Will Mixed gender football ever be successful? To some extent, it will absolutely be hard to give a certain answer on what the future holds for the sport. With the system, gender has to do a lot and that’s the reason why women’s football seldom does better than men’s football, though they have the same football regulations and guidelines, still men’s football appears to be the most seen in the world.

4. Benefits of Mixed gender football
Asking if there are some benefits of Mixed -Gender football is a good one. First of all the aim of the game of football is to bring people together.

Football was originally introduced to keep supporters and not only the players who get involved as well. So in the case of Mixed gender, both sexes will be brought together to play a game irrespective of gender type. Thereby enhancing unity and love.

It will as well yield the reason and need for cooperation between the male and female players.

The idea of Mixed gender football help both sexes increased in performance. Both mentally and physically, after all the originality of the game of football is to be mentally and physically fit.

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