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The origin of football, did Scotland invent football or china?



The origin of football, did Scotland invent football or china? 3 Sportelo

The origin of football, did Scotland invent football or china?

The question of whether or not Scotland invented the game of football, still gets to stand along the way as we furthermore study the unique ball game, its origin, its later modifications, and its current appearance in modern times.

Though, the game of football is said to have earlier begun in England and as well as in other parts of England. Also, in some cases, Scotland is usually referred to be the home of modern football.

Here, in this post shall deliberately be looking closely at the original founders of the sport we now know as “Football” or “Soccer” as it is called in some parts of the world.

  1. Origin Of The Game Of Football
  2. What Is The Game Of Football?
  3. Did Scotland Invent Football


Origin Of The Game Of Football

Many sources give different credible answers to this question which tends to be really ambiguous to some extent, due to its unverified origin that dates back to earlier eras. Football as a game has a broad origin and this has in one way or another other contributed to its fast and wide growth. I doubt if there’s any part of the where the game is not loved and supported by fans, now moving down the lane of history.

The game was earlier practiced in ancient Greek and China, these two cities helped shape what we now embraced to be football in modern times.

Football In Ancient China

China stands to be one of the earliest cities to have originated the game of football, FIFA declares that the game was long practiced in China maybe, about 2000 years before its present modification. Back in the day, the ball game was known as “CUJU” which was a combination of two Chinese short words ‘CU’ meaning kick the/ kicking the ball, and ‘JU’ meaning the leather ball/ ball. The sport was mainly played in the military camps for the reasons of checking the health and fitness status of soldiers in the camps.

It was done as a form of exercise and training for soldiers in the past most especially in ancient China The balls used in playing the game unlike now when soccer balls are made of rubber and in most cases leather material, then the balls used in playing where all made of feathers from wild birds, and it was later in time modified to be air filled balls. This particular modification was what actually led us to where we currently are in the game of football.

Football In Ancient Greek is widely thought by so many to be the original home of the game of football, most of what we now practice as football was first performed in ancient Greek. Considering the fact that for a very long time, the game was actually called Episkyros in Greece. Episkyros was known to be the earliest form of football in ancient Greek City, the game was highly team-oriented and mainly had to do with a lot of collaboration among players.

The ball used in playing was actually made of an inflated pig bladder and was a brutal form of ball game. Players attempt throwing the ball over the heads of the opposing players which makes it look a little bit violent.

This early form of a ball game in ancient Greek was set to easily eliminate the losing team by forcing its team players to cross the end-line markings. And once this effort is achieved by any team, that team is said to be the winning team.

The origin of football, did Scotland invent football or china? 4 Sportelo

What Is The Game Of Football

The game of football is a very popular and the most widely supported ball game in the world, with millions of loyal fans from all countries. Football just like the name implies is a type of ball game played by the feet either on an artificial or sometimes natural field which is usually rectangular in shape. The ball game is traditionally played amongst two teams of eleven players each. With the inclusion of two goalkeepers one in each team. The official duration for the sports is 90 minutes, but sometimes, certain football matches could get extra play time due to certain involved circumstances.

In modern times the game has had most of its huge developments from most parts of the European world, with Europe being the core center of the now-known football game.

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Did Scotland Invent Football?

Scotland still remains one of the front-tier countries to have contributed to what the ball game looks like in recent times. Apart from football, some other ball game like Rugby is said to have been invented by the Scottish. But, the Big question still remains”Whether Or Not Scotland Invented The Football Game.

Most claims say the game was first introduced in Scotland, where it began a very long time before it actually became so popular and highly supported in other countries of the world. Though, England still holds a space in the list of football game founders. Though, it is quite difficult to discern which country actually discovered the ball game, as both countries are some of the few countries where the ball game was first practiced and appreciated.

Conclusion: The game of football stands to be one of the oldest known ball games to have existed to date. Over the years, the game has metamorphosed several times to possibly be the modern football game we all know today.

Though, it was first practiced and played in some ancient cities likes, china and Greek and some first-world countries like England and Scotland where immense contributions were made to the changes seen by many around the world.

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