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How Long are Football Matches and how long is halftime for football in England 



How Long are Football Matches in England and how long is halftime?

How Long are Football Matches  and how long is halftime for football in  England

Football is a game loved by many and played in almost every part of the world, hence how long are football matches and how long is halftime for football are questions most football lovers inquire about.

Modern football originated in Britain in the 19th century and has been played with changing rules since then. It stands to be the world’s most popular and supported game in history. Football is a ball game mainly played as an outdoor activity.

History tells us that the game was first established in Greek, then it was played as a ritual sport where the players of the losing team get to be sacrificed to the gods and goddesses, later on in the ancient city of China it moved on to be more civilised compared to the way it was in ancient Greek.

In China, the ball used in playing the game was made of pig bladder which was inflated or a synthetic material.

The following aspects below will be discussed in detail;

1. How Long Does the Game Takes?
2. How Long Is Half Time for foot?
3. How Long Is American Football?
4. How Long Is a football match UK?
5. Is The Time Duration Of football

Is the Game The Same In Every Country?

How Long Does The Game Take?
So how long are football matches are sometimes dependent on the type of competition played and the later stages of the competition where a winner must be determined.

The beautiful game of football officially lasts for about 90 minutes, but sometimes with a little addition in time. This usually occurs when both teams are in a draw and are unable to score a single goal in the whole 90 minutes of a football game.

If such happens both teams are given an extra period to make up a point, with one leveraging above the other.

This is usually done through a penalty kick; any team who scores the highest number of goals, during the penalty kick session is bound to be the winner since the goal point will later be uneven.

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How Long Is Half Time In Football?

Most games especially ball games are split into two play sessions and the game of football is not an exception. Traditionally the football game is divided into two play sessions, with each session 45 minutes long.

After the first session ends the player gets to relax for the next play, Note: The period of relaxation placed in between both football halves, last for a couple of minutes (between 10 and 12 minutes).

In the next play session both teams change their goalpost position, the team who played the right-wing during the first 45 minutes of the game switched over to the left-hand side, and so does the team who played the left-wing during the first 45 minutes of the game and Vice versa.

How Long Is the American Football game

In the USA the ball game is widely known as American Football, unlike in other parts of the world where it is officially known as Soccer.

It is a sort of ball game played on a rectangular field between two teams of eleven players each including goalkeepers in both teams. The game of football is officially more popular in the US and Canada than in most parts of the world.

Each team is permitted to make substitutions among players in matches and there’s no actual number of times substitutions can be made with several rules and regulations governing the game.

A typical American Football game has a duration of about 60 minutes which is an hour in playtime, with an additional 15 minutes in each half if extra time is required.

American football

American football game (Getty Images)

How Long Is a football Match UK?

A typical football competition/ match lasts for about 90 minutes which is 1hour 30 minutes playtime. In football, the official duration is 105 minutes in playtime, and 45 minutes equal halves with 15 minutes of rest time in between the two ball sessions.

This is what an official football match looks like in the UK. While In the USA an official football match last for 60 minutes with an extra time of about 15 minutes, whereas in the UK football matches last for over 90 minutes with 15 minutes extra time.

Though the ball games may differ in terms of duration from one another, still they are been governed by the same ball rules.

Most times we think the football matches we watch on our TV at home are much longer than they are in reality, but that’s not true. So how long are football matches in England last?  for about 90 minutes with an extra 15 minutes for a break?

However, in the US, the American Football game has a duration of about 60 minutes with an extra 15 minutes. The most common difference between the ball game in the US and the UK is that it is called soccer in the US whereas it is known as Football in the UK.

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