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Top 5 highest paying football competitions in the world



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How sweet it is to enjoy viewing and playing the beautiful game. Football has a lot of different competitions in the world. Competitions such as the world cup,(played by qualified nations of the world), UEFA champions league,( played by various club sides that are qualified among the Europeans,Copa America( played by American teams), English premier league, EPL(played by club sides in England), AFCON( Played by African countries), German Bundesliga,(played by German clubs). Women also have their competitions which include UEFA women’s cup, also the women’s world cup.

Among all of these competitions, we have some that have a very huge pay for its winner.

5. FIFA Club World Cup

Bayern Munich won the FIFA Club World Cup

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

This involves Seven clubs from all the continents of the world, along with the hist nations competing for the trophy. The teams include winners of the Asian Champions League (Asia), CAF Champions League(Africa), CONCACAF Champions League( North America), COPA Libertadores( South America), OFC Champions League( Oceania), and UEFA Champions League(Europe), all participating in a straight knockout competition.

The national champions of the host nation play a tiebreaker against the champions of Oceania, the winner joins the champions of Africa, North America and Asia in the quarter-finals. The winners of the quarterfinals will face the champions of Europe and South America.

The price money pool is $28million, with the winning team taking home around $7million.



Villarreal celebrates after winning the UEFA Europa League

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The UEFA Europa League is the fourth football competition that pays its winner so much. This competition is the second tier of the Champions league. It started in the year 1977 till date. Sevilla is the club with the highest number of wins in the tournament with about 8 wins. The winner is rewarded with about 16.4 million dollars.

3. UEFA Euro

UEFA Euro 2020


The UEFA Euro is regarded as the best continental football competition in the world and the most famous continental competition.
Teams are rewarded handsomely with prize money and it keeps getting better each year.

The organizers of the competition announced In 2014 that there will be a considerable increase in the price money poll, which means that the 24 participating teams will share a price money pool of around €300million.

The Just concluded Euro 2020 had a price money pull of €370million. Each participating team gets around $9m and an additional €1.5million for every win at the different stages and €750,000 for a draw. The winners go home with €20.25million gathered from the group stages to the finals. Lastly, the winners are rewarded with €8million, accumulating a total of €34million in price money.


Top 5 highest paying football competitions in the world 3 Sportelo


The FIFA world cup is the second highest-paying football competition. It started in the year 1930 and 21 tournaments have been played. Brazil is the team with the highest number of wins. The next tournament holds in 2022. It is played by all nations of the world. A qualifier match is played to eradicate some less good counties and after this. 32 qualified teams also play and a winner is selected. The playing structure of the world cup is the same as that of the UEFA champions league although, it’s played by teams from various countries in the world. The winner is often rewarded usually with about a 35million dollars plus.



2021 UEFA Champions League winners Chelsea

The Champions League is the highest paying football competition In the world. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

The UEFA champions league is a competition that is organised for the European club’s top team divisions. It has been in existence since about 66 years ago. The League started on September 4, 1955, and was popularly known as the European cup. The trophy has officially been lifted by 22 clubs. Real Madrid has won the trophy more than any other team, having lifted the trophy 13 times.

Among all the football competitions we have in the world, the UEFA champions league has been recorded to currently be the highest paying football competition. 32 teams play the league in 8 different groups. After this, the two best teams are taken from each group to the round of sixteen stages where there would home and away matches then eight teams play the quarter-finals till the final where there would be a single match and if there is the same score on both sides at the end of the match, there would penalty shoot out to determine who wins.

A winner must emerge in a single match. The winner of the UEFA champions league is then rewarded with about 70 million dollars. The reward however varies from one year to another.

With the above, we can conclude football is a very lucrative career to choose because it’s very rewarding. It is noteworthy that the above-mentioned competitions are just very few of the countless number of competitions that are played in football.

This tells us that even others are also very much rewarding only that those mentioned are more regarding than them.