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Paul Merson makes major Liverpool trophies claim and massive Jurgen Klopp call



Paul Merson

Paul Merson makes major Liverpool trophies claim and massive Jurgen Klopp call

Liverpool’s success in cup competitions this season, according to Paul Merson, has been due to the luck of penalty shootouts, and the Premier League remains the most difficult title to win.

Liverpool are still in contention for the Premier League title ahead of Sunday’s match against Wolves, while Manchester City are anticipated to defeat Aston Villa and pounce on the Reds.

Regardless of whether Jurgen Klopp’s team wins, it has been a wonderful season that might end with another trophy for the cabinet.

On May 28, Real Madrid will face Liverpool in the Champions League final, with the Reds hoping to clinch a treble with a win in Paris.

Paul Merson makes major Liverpool trophies claim and massive Jurgen Klopp call 1 Sportelo

Liverpool FC (photo by Getty images)

Despite Liverpool’s cup victory this season, Merson has made the contentious remark that City winning the Premier League title would be a bigger achievement.

The former Arsenal player, writing in his Daily Star column, said: “Pep Guardiola is still the manager of the year if Manchester City win the title – and it’s harder now than when Manchester United were doing it.

“The Premier League is the ultimate. It’s 38 games in the hardest competition in the world. If you win it, you are the best.

“Jurgen Klopp has done an absolutely phenomenal job at Liverpool this season but if he doesn’t win the league he isn’t manager of the year for me.

“Don’t forget Liverpool were put in a Champions League group they could have walked through, and they’ve won both domestic cups on penalties. They didn’t win the games.

“If you think City should be disappointed somehow if they only win the league and Liverpool win a treble, you’d be wrong. I don’t see that at all.

“I’m glad for Liverpool that they’ve taken the title race to the final day. To win two cup finals, be in another, and push City all the way, is amazing. It’s phenomenal what they’ve done. But at the start of the season it’s all about one thing.

“The Premier League. Thirty-eight games. Home and away. To be the best in the country. Don’t buy into all this hype about the Champions League. That’s just about egos. You could lose more games in that than you do all season in the Premier League and still win it!”

Continuing his praise for the Sky Blues, Merson added: “City can be so proud of themselves if they win another championship. That would be four titles in the last five years and that is dominant at the highest level.

“It goes under the radar a bit sometimes. I don’t think we give them enough credit. They keep churning out titles and go deep in every other tournament too. They’re exceptional.

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