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Liverpool are one step away from signing England star Jude Bellingham



Jude Bellingham

Liverpool are one step away from signing England star Jude Bellingham

Liverpool could be just one step away from signing Jude Bellingham. That’s if the latest claim is correct about the deal.

According to Jan Aage Fjortoft Borussia Dortmund  hold a certain stance when it comes to selling Jude Bellingham. He wrote on Twitter that they likely don’t want to sell the player to a state-run club.

“My take: Dortmund- boss Watzke doesn’t want to sell him to ‘those kind of clubs’. Meaning ‘state-clubs’,” Aage Fjortoft said.

“His mate Klopp is at Liverpool. But Team Bellingham will make their own analysis.”

It’s an interesting position because it would exclude Manchester City. One of the top favorites for Bellingham is the Premier League champions, especially considering their wealth.

One of the sources stating City wants Bellingham is ESPN. However, the front-runners are jLiverpool and Real Madrid, which would be fantastic news for the Reds.

After all, one of their major obstacles here is City offering a financial package that they can’t match. That appears to be off the table, however.

Jude Bellingham and Mason Mount celebrate after the later score against Iran

Additionally, Liverpool can find themselves getting closer to Bellingham as a result of news from Spain.

Sport wrote recently that Real Madrid won’t match Dortmund’s asking price for Bellingham. That price sits at around £130m – but could actually increase if he performs well at the World Cup.

Therefore, Liverpool are in a fantastic position. The Reds are one step closer now that City might be out of the picture and Real are perhaps a little reluctant to give in to any demands. If they accept that price, Bellingham may be theirs.

Is he worth it? is the key question. The 19-year-old is truly for us. Bellingham checks off every single box Liverpool could ask for: he is the ideal age, nationality, and position, and he excels in a variety of playing styles.

It remains to be seen if Liverpool will shell out £130m to get this deal done.

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