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(Video): Watch Virgil van Dijk show Youtubers World class defending skills



(Video): Watch Virgil van Dijk show Youtubers World class defending skills 1 Sportelo

(Video) :Watch Virgil van Dijk show Youtubers World-class defending skills

Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk gave an absolute master class on how to defend one on one during a recent video with the F2 Freestylers on YouTube.

van Dijk is regarded as one of the world’s best and is famously hard to dribble past. If you want to argue that he backs away a lot so he can’t be dribble past.

Van Dijk is rarely erratic and carries out his duties with so much confidence.

He and teammate Andy Robertson put Jeremy Lynch through a number of drills with the help of academy prospect Mateusz Musialowski.

One of the drills sees Lynch have to face off with van Dijk in a one versus one duel and the Dutchman explained his entire thought process.

While Lynch stood in front of him and waiting to attack, van Dijk explains: “I try to look at your eyes.

“If someone is in front of you and they’re very technical and doing all sorts of tricks and stuff, you might be thinking: ‘what’s going on here?’


He continued: “You hold off a little bit because in my case, I have Fabinho running back, Robbo [Robertson] running back and if he goes there, I try to win it in a clean way.”

“So, you can see in their body language and my case, I like to look in some player’s eyes.”

Van Dijk has been reliable at the back this season for the Reds, after missing a large part of the 2020/21 season due to injury.

Liverpool sits second on the Premier League table 9 points behind Manchester City with a game In hand.