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Meet Cody Gakpo’s jaw-dropping bikini-loving girlfriend who will follow star to Liverpool



Noa van der Bij

Meet Cody Gakpo’s jaw-dropping bikini-loving girlfriend who will follow star to Liverpool

Cody Gakpo is moving from PSV to Liverpool and he’ll been joined at Anfield by his stunning bikini-loving girlfriend Noa van der Bij.

Cody Gakpo is headed to England and Liverpool just weeks after excelling for the Netherlands at the World Cup.

PSV announced their star would be packing his bags for Merseyside on Boxing Day. And in a statement, PSV said: “The PSV management completed the negotiations on Boxing Day and gave Gakpo permission to travel to England.”

Not only will the tricky Dutch winger be a fresh face on the River Mersey, but Gakpo’s better half, Noa van der Bij, is also expected to show up. Since December 2020, the two have been linked, and they are open about their relationship online.

Cody Gapko and girlfriend Noa van der Bij (Getty Images)

The stunning Noa is currently a junior booker for Cachet Models after completing her studies in management at Avans University of Applied Sciences.

And the blonde bombshell appears to be fond of the high life, regularly posting pictures from her travels on Instagram (@NoavdBij), where she boasts almost 30,000 followers. Noa has taken in the sights of lavish locations like Monaco, Ibiza, Saint Tropez, and Curacao.

Noa van der Bij

Noa van der Bij at the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. (Getty Images)

Noa was in the crowd while Gakpo pushed up the world in Qatar because she was never far from her gifted beau.

The youngster was the buzz of the town as his performances carried the Netherlands over the group stage and eventually caused them to exit to Argentina in a fun situation. Noa posted a lot of photos from the competition.

There was also one where Gakpo joined her in the audience and she kissed his cheek while he grinned for the camera.