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Liverpool joins race to sign the next Premier League superstar for a bargain fee



Liverpool joins race to sign the next Premier League superstar for a bargain fee 1 Sportelo

Liverpool joins race to sign the next Premier League superstar for a bargain fee

Liverpool could sign Napoli forward Kvicha Kvaratskhelia for as little as £86M after his incredible start to life at top European football.

According to the player’s agent, who was speaking to Fabrizio Romano, the Georgian will be worth €100M (£86.7M) by the time he leaves Napoli.

He said: “You know what’s crazy, he’s done what he’s been doing in Russia and Europe for the past couple of years.

“He’s come to Napoli, he’s been brilliant, and people are talking about €100million (£86.7million).

“For me, if he continues to perform like this till the end of the season and next season, because there’s a 0% chance they sell him [in January]. He will reach €100million (£86.7million) for sure.”

Following Tuesday’s 2-0 victory over Napoli for the Reds, which included goals from Mohamed Salah and Darwin Nunez, JJurgen Klopp expressed his admiration for Kvarat.

The German manager spoke of the key battle between Trent Alexander-Arnold and Kvaratskhelia as follows: “He’s a good player. Both are good players, so it’s a really difficult one.

“I know people will talk about one or two situations when Trent tried to be in front of him and the ball goes through.

“You have to try to be there in the moment when the ball arrives, but if you cannot do that then you need to be protected because he has speed, he is cheeky, he goes inside, he can go outside, that makes it always really difficult.

Kvicha Kvaratskhelia

Kvicha Kvaratskhelia (Getty Images)

“A good player and I thought Trent played a really good game against him, was really on fire, didn’t get frustrated by one or two situations where he was second-best, stayed in the game and I liked Trent’s game tonight.

“But he is really good, the boy, and really quick and you have to defend him together in these moments. When he has the advantage of the first movement, then he is already gone.”

Kvaratskhelia has everything to come in and be an upgrade on the left wing for the Reds. Considering his age and how good he already is, there might be a case that the money spent on him will even itself out because of the potential longevity and quality he can offer.

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