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Liverpool could be set for major transfer boost after Man City charges



Jude Bellingham

Liverpool could be set for major transfer boost after Man City charges

Borussia Dortmund superstar Jude Bellingham, who is a target for Liverpool, and Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City.

Liverpool will publicly declare that it is none of their concern, but it would have been only natural for them to have taken an interest in Manchester City’s situation this week.

After being charged on Monday with more than 100 alleged financial regulation violations, City, who have won three of the last five Premier League championships by a single point over Liverpool, are currently in the midst of an unusual moment in the history of English football.


Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham(Getty Images)

The inquiry, which was launched in December 2018 following the publication of documents by the German website Der Spiegel that were first made public by Portuguese hacker Rui Pinto, will now be forwarded to a commission.

Allegations that City have inflated sponsorship, secretly increased important figures’ salary, and disregarded rules regarding how approaches to young players are allowed might result in serious fines, point deductions, or possibly expulsion from the league, according to reports.

Liverpool, who may profit from such a horrific event, is likewise interested in talk of retroactively depriving them of their titles.

But there is at least the air of ambiguity around the Etihad that those at Anfield could benefit from while the matter awaits a resolution—one that must be emphasised that is not expected imminently.

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