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FSG’s leaked text to Jurgen Klopp seen in new light after Real Madrid thrash Liverpool



FSG's leaked text to Jurgen Klopp seen in new light after Real Madrid thrash Liverpool 1 Sportelo

FSG’s leaked text to Jurgen Klopp seen in new light after Real Madrid thrash Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp is considering the very real possibility that his legendary Liverpool squad has reached its peak.

Real Madrid’s humiliating 5-2 victory against the Reds has highlighted the need for a rebuilding. Klopp’s team was on the verge of an unprecedented quadruple less than a year ago when they won both domestic cups, advanced to the Champions League final, and forced the Premier League title match into the last day.

FSG's leaked text to Jurgen Klopp seen in new light after Real Madrid thrash Liverpool 2 Sportelo

Darwin Nunez (Getty images)

However, the Anfield thrashing has now been signalled as “the end of an era”, with the Kop boss urged to reinvent his playing squad. Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry both suggested that the current crop of underperforming players are no longer able to play ‘Jurgen Klopp football’ to the levels they once could.

Carragher stated that Liverpool needs to make improvements in a back four that has recently been noticeably leaky as well as in midfielders. Nonetheless, there is a need for investment in the team against a background of instability at the executive level.

Fenway Sports Group, the club’s owners, stated last year that they were searching for additional investment, which many took to mean that the club was going up for sale. Now that the situation has been made clear, John W. Henry has insisted that a full takeover is not imminent and that they are instead searching for outside partners to assist finance the management of the Premier League giants.

Others have criticised FSG for what they perceive to be a lack of financial clout in comparison to its counterparts at the summit of European football. Liverpool’s net spending over the past five years has been £254 million, whereas Chelsea and Manchester United have spent £654 million and £540 million, respectively.

Klopp has often defended FSG’s approach to spending, but recently admitted that they would need to put hands in pockets to ensure they can keep up with their rivals.

“I believe in coaching, I believe in developing, I believe in team-building and using those things 100%, but meanwhile in the world out there the managers are really good, there are so many good managers out there it’s crazy,” Klopp said last month. “So they believe in that as well, and if they start really properly spending and do those things as well, then you cannot not spend or you will have a little bit of a problem.”

The task for Klopp is now eerily reminiscent of the one in which he was presented upon his arrival on Merseyside. Back in 2015, The German inherited a team which had reached its peak and was now hurtling downhill.

“At the beginning I received a message from the US saying, ‘Sorry for the squad we’ve given you’,” Klopp revealed in 2021. “But all was good I replied, it just needs time.”

By assisting Klopp in assembling a team that finally won the , the American ownership demonstrated that their apologies wasn’t just a hollow show of goodwill. Yet when they start a new cycle under the dynamic head coach, they need that patience, understanding, and support once more.

“Something needs to change. I don’t think Klopp needs to go, but some of the players don’t have the level anymore to play for Liverpool. I think it’s the end of an era and it’s been like that this season,” Henry told CBS Sports.

Kop legend Carragher added: “My point is that they’re trying to play Jurgen Klopp football without players who can play Jurgen Klopp football. And that is maybe some players who have been brought in, but also some players who it’s just come to the end

I would never criticise those players, because they’ve done their job over the last four or five years. As Thierry said, this team has come to an end. Jurgen Klopp built a team and what we saw over the next four of five years was amazing. He needs to be allowed to do that again.”

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