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Cristiano Ronaldo sends Roberto Firmino clear transfer message that Liverpool must follow



Cristiano Ronaldo sends Roberto Firmino clear transfer message that Liverpool must follow

Cristiano Ronaldo sends Roberto Firmino clear transfer message that Liverpool must follow

After opting to leave Liverpool, Roberto Firmino is probably considering his options, and Cristiano Ronaldo has already sent him a very clear message.

Roberto Firmino will leave Liverpool at the end of the season when his contract expires after nearly ten years there. Liverpool will be heartbroken to lose the devoted player who has lifted the organization to legendary status.

The time to depart is definitely now because Firmino will be 32 in the first few weeks of the upcoming season. Firmino has done everything he can for Liverpool, and given that the team is currently through a total rebuild, it seems sense that he would want to take on a new challenge now that he is no longer seen as the club’s future at Anfield.

Where that new challenge will take him is going to be interesting. But for the interest of Liverpool and himself, it’s going to be important that he makes the right decision.

He may be turning 32 years old, but as he has shown this season, with 15 goal contributions in 27 games (just 16.36 lots of 90 minutes), he’s still got plenty left to give at the top of his game.

Jurgen Klopp and Roberto Firmino

Jurgen Klopp and Roberto Firmino (Getty Images)

He reportedly has interest from Saudi Arabia to join Cristiano Ronaldo at Al Nassr, according to recent reports. Journalist Ben Jacobs informed Caught Offside that the Saudi Arabian team would be interested in signing Firmino to the club.

While no doubt Firmino would receive a lucrative offer considering his current age, the Brazilian would be wise to avoid any such move. Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent move to Saudi Arabia has shown players only move to clubs like Al Nassr at the twilight of their career.

As the majority of European teams were not interested in signing him, Ronaldo moved to Al Nassr. That appeared to be a desperate attempt after being let go by Manchester United. Firmino should take note of the fact that Al Nassr is reportedly interested in Sergio Ramos as well. Ramos will turn 37 this March and is in a similar situation to Ronaldo.

Even though the Saudi Arabian league is still developing, only players who are towards the end of their careers are heading there at the moment. Perhaps it will change in the future. Firmino must remain in Europe for the time being, though, as long as he still has a lot to give the European stage.

Cristiano Ronaldo sends Roberto Firmino clear transfer message that Liverpool must follow 1 Sportelo

Roberto Firmino (Getty images)

Jacobs asserts that Firmino would also be of interest to clubs like Bayern Munich and Inter Milan, and those transfers would appear more fitting for Firmino at this time. Moreover, Liverpool should benefit from these changes.

Liverpool has a history of letting players go or selling them at the “right time” in past years. The fundamental cause of that has been the inability of players to create an effect at top European teams after leaving Liverpool.

For instance, Emre Can had struggle at Juventus. At PSG, Gini Wijnaldum failed to have an effect, and Philippe Coutinho struggled at Barcelona. Although Sadio Mané’s future at Bayern Munich is still up in the air, it is obvious that Liverpool has to underline its players’ talents after they leave the team.

The Reds have had difficulty selling assets in recent years for amounts they feel fair, most likely as a result of becoming a victim of their own success. Due to Liverpool players’ track record after leaving Anfield, clubs are clearly reluctant to spend significant sums of money on them.

Moving Firmino to Al Nassr would just be another depressing confirmation of what happens to those who leave the club. Liverpool should instead be interested in seeing the Brazilian succeed somewhere in Europe, even if it is bittersweet.

Long-term, it may provide the team a significant boost in terms of transfers.

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