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(VIDEO) Man United star Mason Greenwood set free from prison after all charges against him dropped



(VIDEO) Man United star Mason Greenwood set free from prison after all charges against him dropped 1 Sportelo

(VIDEO) Man United star Mason Greenwood set free from prison after all charges against him dropped

Mason Greenwood has been suspended by Manchester United since the allegations surfaced in January of last year.

As a result of fresh evidence and key witness withdrawals, according to the prosecution, Mason Greenwood will no longer be tried for an alleged attempted rape and assault against a lady.

Since the allegations were made public in January 2022, the 21-year-old had been suspended by Manchester United. After that, he was accused of one count of attempted rape, one of assault, and several counts of acting in a controlling and coercive manner. His trial was scheduled to begin in November of this year.

Greenwood had been detained again in October for violating the terms of his bail.

However, the Crown Prosecution Service stated yesterday afternoon that “there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction” due to “the withdrawal of key witnesses and new material that came to light.”

The CPS added: “In these circumstances, we are under a duty to stop the case. We have explained our decision to all parties. We would always encourage any potential victims to come forward and report to police and we will prosecute wherever our legal test is met.

United has not yet responded to the news. He is still bound to Old Trafford until the summer of 2025 and is reportedly still being paid his weekly salary of £75,000.

Mason Greenwood

Mason Greenwood was suspended by Manchester United in January 2022. (Getty Images)

Several of Greenwood’s sponsors, including Nike, ended their contracts with the England international striker after his initial arrest. Additionally, he was dropped from the Football Manager and FIFA video games.

United stopped selling all merchandise with his name and face on it and a number of team-mates unfollowed him on social media.

In a separate statement, Chief Superintendent Michaela Kerr, Greater Manchester Police’s head of public protection, said: “The investigation team has remained in regular contact with the legal team, providing any updates of note, and so understand the rationale for the discontinuation of proceedings at this stage, and that this decision has not been taken lightly.

“Despite the media and public’s interest in this case, we have decided not to comment on it in any further detail.

“I would, however, like to use this opportunity to reiterate GMP’s commitment to investigating allegations of violence against women and girls and supporting those affected, regardless of their circumstances, throughout what can be a hard and upsetting time for them.

“An ever increasing number of officers are receiving specialist training and the force is more consistently utilising tools, available via the criminal justice system, to keep people safe and care for victims.

“If you feel you are or might be a victim, please don’t let this case put you off asking for help.”

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