“I hope your son gets corona”- Watford Captain Troy Deeney reveals Abuse against his son

Troy Deeney has revealed that people wished his five-year-old son Clay coronavirus, following his disapproval of the premier league restart plan.

Premier League players returned to training last week, Watford Captain Troy Deeney chose to stay back at home with his family.

The 31-year-old is one of the few premier league players that criticised the “project restart plan”.

Watford has so far recorded three positive coronavirus cases those of defender Adrian Mariappa and two staff of the club, while others remain in self-isolation.

“I saw some comments in regards to my son, people saying: ‘I hope your son gets corona’,” Deeney told CNN.

“That’s the hard part for me. If you respond to that, people then go: ‘Ah, we’ve got him’ and they keep doing it. In a time where it’s all about mental health and everyone says ‘speak up, speak out, please speak’, Danny Rose spoke out and I spoke out and we just get absolutely hammered and battered for it.

“So, people see that and go ‘woah’ and it’s not just us that gets it, the missus gets direct messages and you’ll be walking down the street and people will be like: ‘Oh, I’m at work, you go back to work’.”

“I’m the captain of a Premier League football team. I’m not doing my job if I’m sitting back at home,” he added.

“Anyone that knows me knows I’m never scared of a challenge.”

Deeney is expected to return to training next week after Premier League, clubs unanimously voted to resume contact training this week.

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