UEFA is set to conclude the Champions League and Europa League at the end of August.

There are plans for UEFA to schedule the Champions League Final for 29 August 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic has put football and the world of sports on hold, bringing competition like the Champions League and the Europa League to an uncertainty.

European football governing body UEFA is expected to meet on 23 April to discuss the completion of the 2019/20 campaign.

The domestic league could end early. This is becoming most likely.The Premier League is still planning to restart soccer, but the most recent reports suggest Clubs are aiming to finish the season by 30 June.

The report also says that the Champions League finals at Istanbul’s Ataturk Stadium will be on the last Saturday of August and three days before the Europa League final will be played in Danzig on 26 August 2020.

Discussions took place on the scheduling of the quarter-finals for the Champions League on 28/29 July and the final phases of the competition will be played in August.

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Regardless, after domestic season, the remaining ties could be played as one-off matches, which could possibly lead to a mini tournament.

While the last 16 matches including Real Madrid against Manchester City and Chelsea and Bayer-Munich are still unresolved, four of the eighth quarterfinalists of the Champions League have already been decided.

In the Europa League, the situation is more complicated, with all eight teams yet, to play the last sixteen of the second leg, two matches have not even been played at all.

Europe still remains the worst hit continent by the COVID-19, with Italy and Spain most affected with 925,536 confirmed cases and over 87,000 deaths.

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