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Top premier league teams oppose the option of neutral venues

Top premier league teams oppose the option of neutral venues 1 Sportelo

Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham are among the clubs to unite against the government to consider using neutral venues.

According to ESPN, all 20 clubs of the premier league held a conference call to analyse options of completing the 2019/20 season.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lead government gave a tentative date of June 1 for the return of the Professional sports country.

But, only possible if sufficient progress has been made towards reducing the spread of the virus.

Several big clubs have united in asking the government to abandon the plan. There are around 12 teams now in opposition. according to ESPN.

The integrity of the game was one the reasons raised, but another point, however, there have been reports of pressure from sponsors of team who are set to lose out if games are played on neutral grounds.

Players are said to have raised concerns about safety around training grounds. PFA and league managers Association are set to meet on Wednesday to decide on the matter and more in a bid to find solutions to the coronavirus ravaged season.

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