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Thomas Tuchel outlines summer plans after Champions league final



Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel is prepared towards the summer when he will be able to bring his family over to England.

Tuchel has been living in a hotel on his own without his family as they remained in Paris due to the coronavirus pandemic Since his arrival mid-season back in January at Chelsea.

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During that time, Tuchel has guided Chelsea to a top four finish and a Champions League final, as well as an FA Cup final that ended in defeat. His wife, Sissi, attended the Wembley final.

But once the season ends on May 29 in Porto for Tuchel and Chelsea, the German has already decided on his plans for the summer, which include moving his home to England and potentially going on holiday with family.

“It was very sad to leave them as I am very close to my family, they are a huge part of my personality,”Tuchel told on his arrival at Chelsea.

“They help me de-focus but maybe it was a good thing, you have no time to overthink it [the job].

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“There was lockdown in this city, I lived in a hotel and I was giving total energy into the job and Chelsea. There was no chance for distraction. It has been a long time now but they visited me for a week, they are now back in Paris and my kids will finish their school there. Now we have some spare time together.

“I will go back to Paris, prepare the house movement but I will not get too involved in that, more bringing the kids to school and bringing them home.

“I don’t get involved in the organisation, then we will go to Spain if possible and then back here [for next season].”

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