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UEFA Champions League

Salah makes demand after Liverpool 2-0 victory over RB Leipzig in the champions League



Mohammed Salah

Liverpool star  Mohamed Salah wants Jurgen Klopp’s team to carry the momentum of RB Leipzig’s victory into the Premier League.

Salah said this as he reacted to Liverpool’s 2-0 win over RB Leipzig in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 on Wednesday.

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The Reds are going through a difficult period in the Premier League right now.

Goals from Salah and Sadio Mane ensured the Premier League champion defeated the Bundesliga side in Hungary and qualified for the Round of 16 with a 4-0 aggregate record.

“It’s a big result for us. We came here the last couple of games we lost,” Salah said at his post-match press conference.

“The team is not in the best shape, but we want to fight in the CL and each game in the PL, and we will see what happens.

“It’s really positive, to be fair. It’s a tough team, they make us run a lot, but we try to play our way. We won the game, that is the most important thing, and hopefully, we can keep that going in the PL now as well.

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“I have scored good numbers this season, I would like to score more, but it is part of the game you miss chances, as long as the team keeps winning, that’s the most important thing.”

Liverpool are currently eighth in the Premier League and face a fight to even make it to the top four.