Premier League could be Annulled: Westham Vice-Chairman.

West ham Vice-Chairman Karen Brady speaking in the wake of the suspension of the league due to deadly Corona Virus.

After an emergency meeting on Friday the Premier League, EFL, and WLS jointly agreed to postpone the remaining matches in the league till April 4 and this is dependent on Medical advice and Conditions at the time.

The premier League joined the Spanish league, French, League, Scottish, League, Germany, and Italian league were matches have also been Suspended.

Coronavirus has infected over 800 people in Britain so far.

Liverpool are close to their ever primer League title in 30 years

The Premier League hopes that an interlude of three weeks from today will enable it to restart but that may well be dreamland.

Speaking to The SUN NEWS Brady said “There is no dodging the possibility that all levels in the English Football League (EFL), as well as the Premier League, will have to be canceled and this season declared null and void.

“This is because, if the players can’t play, the games can’t go ahead, ”

Premier League chiefs and the clubs will meet next week to discuss the options.

The options are not many, though.

Stopping the season and declaring the current standings as final would be hugely controversial.

While few are envious of this been Liverpool first title in 30 years, they are 25 points ahead of their nearest rivals, the relegation places are too close to call.

There is a difference of six points, between West ham and Norwich City at the bottom of the table.

So, what if the league cannot be finished?

“As games in both the Premier League and English Football League are affected, the only fair and reasonable thing to do is declare the whole season null and void.

Do you think this would be a fair decision for Liverpool? who have tirelessly worked themselves to be at the peak of the premier league?

The Reds have lost out in every competition they have participated in this season.

the most recent is the exit from the UEFA Champions League.

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