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Neymar escapes to Brazil to save himself from coronavirus.

Neymar escapes to Brazil to save himself from coronavirus. 1 Sportelo

Neymar has chosen to return to Brazil in the wake of the deadly coronavirus pandemic that has halted sports activities in Europe.


The former Barcelona winger left along with his Paris Saint Germain teammate Thiago Silva to be with their family back home in North America while the French league remains On hold.

It was reported that Neymar Jr. Left a day earlier, before Thiago decided to join his teammate on the escapade.

“The duo’s return to their homeland mentioned that the majority of PSG players remained in the French capital, including overseas players like Marco Verratti, Pablo Sarabia and Ander Herrera. According to Le Parisien.

The French club does not have the right to prohibit players from leaving the country but ensured the entire team received precautionary measures on how to handle the bug.

The Brazilian was in action for PSG last week Wednesday as they defeated Borussia Dortmund 2-0, (Agg:3-2) to book a place in the quarter-final of the UEFA Champions League.

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