Neuer upset by leaks from Bayern contract talks

Claims he wants a five-year contract from Bayern Munich are wide of the mark, but Manuel Neuer expressed concerns over lack of confidentiality.

Bayern Munich Manuel Neuer is upset by leaks from his contract talk with the Bundesliga side.

The 34-year-old Germany international has a deal with Bayern until June 2021 but is worried with ongoing talks over a potential extension of his contract.

Alexander Nubel, Schalke’s’ goalkeeper will arrive in a free transfer before the next season and the Bavarian is now planning for the new phase without Neuer.

This week Neuer was alleged to have demanded a new five-year deal worth €20 million a year, but mocked the suggestions.

Though, he was concerned about the fact that the information was leaked in the public domain.

” I want to play as long as I’m fit. But the most important thing for me is trust,” he said in an interview with Germany daily news Bild.

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“It is clear to me that it would be fantasy for me to want a five-year contract. I’m 34 and can’t predict how I’m going to be at 39. That is why what has been publicly suggested makes no sense at all.

“I want a contract where FC Bayern and I have a win-win situation that everyone is happy with.

“I want to perform, be there for the team and do everything we can to ensure we have maximum success, with 100 per cent passion. The conditions must be right; that’s what it’s about.

The world cup winner was signed by Bayern Munich in 2011 from Schalke 04 and has made 241 appearances for the Bavarian.

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