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Mason mount sets target for next season after Sensational champions league win



Mason mount sets target for next season after Sensational champions league win 1 Sportelo

Mason mount at just 22 years of age is the youngest winner of the Chelsea’s individual award voted for by Blues supporters for two decades.

Mount dedicated the award to those he had worked and played with throughout his journey through the club’s Academy, praising the impact of coaches, team-mates and staff on his incredible rise to the top.

Yet development doesn’t stop when a player moves across the road at Cobham from the Academy building into the first team.

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Mount is the definition of the modern player with his desire for self-improvement and thirst for learning, absorbing information and experiences from senior colleagues and staff.

Mason mount have set high targets ahead of next season as he hopes to win the premier league. He isn’t resting on his laurels, even after winning the Champions League in Porto last weekend.

‘I always want to step up in the next season that I play in,’ he claims as we resume our chat with a look ahead to the future.

‘I always want to get better, do more, have better stats, so that’s something at the end of the season that I always try to look at and see where I can improve on.

‘Over the past few months, I’ve felt myself growing as a person, not just on the pitch but off the pitch as well. My role in the team has changed, being a big player and wanting to step up in big moments and really push the boys.

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‘I’ve had the captain’s armband twice now and that gives me extra confidence but I definitely think I’ve worked at things.

” I have that belief that I’m doing well but I can also get even better. That’s something as a player that you need to really improve.’

‘I’m learning more and more about that role,’ he says of developing as a leader.

‘I had it when I was a bit younger in the youth teams where I was captain a couple of times and leading the boys to a Youth Cup was special.

“I learnt a lot from that so now coming to this season, I can bring that experience I’ve had in the past and use it but also add things to it as well.

‘When you reach the senior game, you can still be someone that leads by example but you can’t just be that.

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“You need to bring more to the team and as a captain at a big club like this, to have that personality and vocalness around the boys really helps.

“You need that with a team like this, to lead them when games are tough, to really step up and be a big player, so that’s something I’ve learnt as well to add to my game.

‘I’m always learning and that’s always going to be something that I’m going to get better and better with. You look at the players in the past who have been top players and legends of this club, captains that you can try and take things off.

” That’s something I’ve always looked at growing up and I still look at now.’