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Liverpool legend alleges Trent Arnold isn’t playing in his “natural position”

Former Liverpool legend Emile Heskey claims Trent Alexander-Arnold isn't playing in his natural position

Trent Alexander-Arnold has been in a fantastic form for Liverpool (GettyImages)

Liverpool legend Emile Heskey has claimed that Reds star Trent Alexander-Arnold is not playing in his natural position despite his excellent form for Jurgen Klopp’s side.

Playing midfield is more of a “Natural position” for youngster Trent Alexander Arnold alleges Emile Heskey, with the Liverpool youngster expected to change position in the later stages of his career.


The English international has earned a regular role for the reds and the three lions by operating in defence.

At only  21 years of age, he is already a key player for both his country and club.

The youngster hasn’t shown any indication of changing his role in the team anytime soon and has said to aspire to be the best right-back of all time in the premier league.

Former reds striker Heskey told Sky Sports of the Anfield academy graduate.
“If you were to ask him, he would be more than happy to play in the midfield because that is, I would say his natural position”.

Trent Alexander-Arnold
Trent Alexander-Arnold one of the world best (GettyImages)

“He gets more space in the wide areas, and then you see the passing range that he has, but that passing range has been built up over the years playing in central midfield.”

“His decision making probably comes from having less time when he is in central midfield. He’s had to be aware of what is going on around him.”

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It remains to be seen if Jurgen Klopp will consider the option of playing the talented English man in that position as he is spoilt for choices with the likes of Georginio Wijnaldum, Jordan Henderson and many more.

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