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Jurgen Klopp Liverpool side are struggling without their sheer lucid luck



Liverpool manager Jurgen klopp and Origi

Liverpool have been such dreadful champions so

But all missing the point, no one’s blaming Liverpool for the drop in standards & performances, it’s the sheer “level” of the drop that’s confusing.

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Ian mentioned the effect Pogba’s injury has had on United’s recent performances, & he’s correct.  But they haven’t suddenly dropped from 2nd to 8th, incapable of beating anyone.

They still hammered a good Real Sociedad team 0-4, drew with a solid Chelsea 0-0, & beat the “unbeatable” City, 0-2, all away from home.


I’m sure with Pogba, the draws against West Brom & Palace would’ve been turned into wins.  So, no one’s blaming Liverpool for “missing” Virgil van Dijk (& to a lesser extent Gomez).


Again, Ian mentions Henderson’s absence as an excuse, but he’s only been missing for 2-3 games, Liverpool have been one of the worst teams in the league for a while now, with 8 home games without a win, the last 6 being losses?  How many did Henderson miss?

Liverpool vs Fulham

Liverpool’s poor form in the Premier League form has been dismal (Photo by Getty Images)

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Ferg mentioned Cantona, the season he was suspended for 8 months, United still finished a close 2nd, not 10th!  He was as influential, and as much a talisman (arguably more so) than Virgil van Dijk.



The excuses and reasons are all somewhat valid, but they don’t explain the sheer level of drop.  There’s no comparable example in football history, where the absence of 1-2 key players has resulted in such a devastating drop in performance levels.

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