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Italian government permits Serie A teams to resume training

Italian government permits Serie A teams to resume training 1 Sportelo

The Italian government has given Serie A teams the green light to resume training starting from next week.

Following the announcement from Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Individual sports were scheduled to resume on Monday, while team sport is set for May 18.

There were claims that some national assembly protested the inconsistency of this strategy and that the possibility of resuming some top-flight clubs, while others remained banned has forced a change of heart.

“Athletes and non-athletes of non-individual disciplines, like every citizen, are allowed to participate in individual sports in public or private areas, respecting the interpersonal safety distance of at least two metres.” Read a Report.

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But, no date has been fixed for the return of the remaining fixtures in the League. Juventus are a point ahead of second place team Lazio.

Juventus are on the verge of winning their ninth straight scudetto, only if the season is completed or abandoned just like French league 1.

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