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“it does not look good” Mario Melchiot sends Tammy Abraham a message amid FA cup snub



Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham apologise for breaching Covid-19 protocol

Mario Melchiot thinks Tammy Abraham’s girlfriend wouldn’t have crticised Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel and warned the striker it ‘does not look good’.

Abraham was left out of the FA Cup final squad to face Leicester and his girlfriend Leah Monroe made no secret of her surprise at the decision.

‘How on earth do you make the decision to leave your top goal scorer out of the squad for a final?’ Monroe posted on her Instagram story, before deleting the message.

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‘The same person who even scored the goals to actually qualify for this competition? It’s not making any sense whatsoever. Not even the bench?! This has to be a joke.’

However Melchiot, the former Blues defender, can comprehend Abraham’s frustration at being left out of the 23-man squad, although he does not think the public expression of dismay from his partner will help matters.

“This was not a game that Tammy would have changed– he could have affected the game if he was part of it but this game was not lost because he was not part of it,’ Melchiot told Stadium Astro after Chelsea were beaten 1-0.

‘When we talk about wives or girlfriends… I’ve never been in the situation where I’ve allowed my mrs to talk to any of the press situation because I make my decisions and I don’t want her to get involved.

‘If he lets his mrs talk, managers will not respect that. They would pull me to the side and be like, “Hey, are you making the decisions or do you want someone else to make them for you so they can also play the game for you?”. That’s what they would say to me and that’s why I never wanted that conversation with a [Claudio] Ranieri.

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‘Ranieri did that, he would make jokes with us, he’d say “If you want to have a big mouth do it at home with your wife, don’t do it here in the dressing room.”

‘Steve Bruce didn’t allow that, too. When it comes to that situation, that:s my answer to it. Have a conversation with your partner and do it privately and don’t let that person get involved with your football.

‘She is never going to win, that is one of the things I will tell you. Who is then the loser eventually? The player because he’s got to face the critics and it’s never going to be good for him. ‘It does not look good. It doesn’t look good to anything: dressing room, players, captain, your coach. Leave that out.

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‘Emotionally, I understand it. I would be the same if Tammy would have been my nephew or my brother, I would have thought the same like her.

‘But would I open my mouth? No.’ Speaking after the 1-0 defeat, in which Youri Tielemans scored the game’s only goal, Tuchel said it was a tough decision to leave the striker out.

Asked after the game if Abraham simply wasn’t a player for him, Tuchel told Stadium Astro: ‘No, it’s just hard decisions on a matchday when you can only nominate 18 players.’