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FIFA medical committee chairman advises against resuming football before September

FIFA medical committee chairman advises against resuming football before September 1 Sportelo

FIFA medical committee chairman Michel D’Hooghe has advised against resuming football games amid the coronavirus crisis.”Football has to be patient”

Some leagues across Europe have fixed a return date for the football games to resume, even if it means playing in closed doors without spectators.


D’Hooghe has opined that it is too early and risky for football games to return, he also said that social distancing will be ineffective as football is a contact game.

“Football can only be possible if contact is possible again. Football remains a contact sport and avoiding contact is one of the first things everyone says is that you should avoid contact, he told Bryan Swanson of Sky Sports

“It’s still about social distancing. Testing is an important point but you have to repeat them. If one of the players becomes positive, you have to put the whole group into quarantine. Is that a solution for a normal competition?

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He added that patience and following government guidelines are all that is needed to win the fight against COVID-19.

“Football has to be patient. It has to listen to the national authorities, and respect the basic [health] rules,” he added.

“Just because balls might be sterilised, it does not suddenly mean we can play football again”


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