German lawmaker warns that the restart of Bundesliga return may get a “red card” due to breaking of coronavirus guidelines

The Bundesliga return as the world, especially sports fan awaits its return, the come back maybe hampered by the breaching of the Coronavirus guidelines according to a German lawmaker.

Markus Soder has warned that the Bundesliga may be called off due to breaching, of the guidelines guiding the league, as Germany top-flight 2 divisions are set to resume on Saturday, In closed-door after two months of absence amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“If health experts have made those suggestions if the league with great expense and smart ideas has worked on concepts, you have to stick those rules,” Bavarian minister-president Markus Soder told Bild on Friday

“And if you do not stick to those rules, you might get the red card. It’s like that in football as well as in real life.” as reported by ESPN

This statement comes after Augsburg manager Heiko Herrlich broke the quarantine rule after he went to buy toothpaste at a nearby shop and confirmed in a virtual news conference that he would not be in charge of his team Saturday game.

Also, Weder Bremen announced on Friday that one of their players had been quarantined for two weeks after somebody close to him tested positive for COVID-19.

Former Chelsea winger Solomon Kalu was caught on video flaunting the social distancing rule and has been suspended by is club Herta Berlin.

These and many more are some of the reasons many people believe the Bundesliga was forced to resume so as to cash in on Tv Money, and many including football fans are not happy with the decision.

“I don’t want anything to do with it. I do not even take note of it. It minister-president construction only created to cash in TV money. It does not mean it does not hurt me. I suffer because I have to refuse my participation,” actor Matthias Brandt, the son of former German chancellor Matthias Brandt, told Der Tagesspiegel, summing up the feelings of many football fans in the country.

Players and staffs of teams undergo periodic testing, so far only a few positive results have been reported.

The Bundesliga will commence regardless of all the concerns and will play the remaining nine fixtures to complete the 2019/20 season by next week.

Bayern Munich top the Bundesliga table with 4 points ahead of Borussia Dortmund are set to play Union Berlin on Sunday.

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