COVID-19: League games in Spain suspended

Spanish football governing body announced that league games in the country including both professional and non- professional football matches have been suspended due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

The announcement was made earlier today that league has been suspended for the next two matchdays after two emergency meetings were held between the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), La Liga officials and Association of Spanish Footballers (AFA) on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

The decision was made after a Real Madrid basketball club player tested positive for the virus which further led to the quarantine of Real Madrid players and shutting down of all the activities in the training complex of the club.

A statement released by La Liga read: ” Given the circumstances known this morning (outbreak of the virus), La Liga consider that the circumstances are already in place to continue with the next phase of the protocol of action against COVID-19, consequently in accordance with the measures established in the Royal decree 664/1997 of may 12 La Liga agrees to suspend at least the next two match days “


Real Madrid reported in a statement released today: “Real Madrid reports that a player from our first basketball team has tested positive after testing for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“Since then, the recommendation has been made to quarantine both the basketball first team and the football first team, given that the two squads share facilities in Madrid.

“Likewise, it has been decided to close the facilities of our sports city and it is also recommended that all Real Madrid personnel who provide their services in Real Madrid City remain in quarantine.”

La Liga has taken precautionary measures by moving all their matches behind closed doors but with recent updates of the virus case reaching a total of 3,003 cases with 726 new cases and a death toll of 84 including 26 new cases of deaths La Liga decided to suspend the league next two games till further notice.

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