Bayern Munich Star Fined For Driving "the Wrong Car" -

Bayern Munich star fined for driving “the wrong car”

Bayern Munich star fined for driving "the wrong car" 1

Bayern Munich star Kingsley Coman is facing a €50,000 euro fine and a mandatory autograph session for driving the wrong car to training, German news daily Bild reported on Friday.

French International Coman, 23, arrived in McLaren at Bavaria’s Tuesday training session, which contravened an obligation to drive an Audi, a major sponsor of Bavaria.

The internal rules in Bayern state that players should drive Audi cars or other brands in the Volkswagen group or be fined up to EUR 50,000.according to Bild.

While speaking to the tabloid on Friday Coman apologised on for the flaw and said that he couldn’t drive his Audi because of a broken wing mirror.

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“I would like to apologise to the club and Audi for not driving my company car to training… it was a mistake, I see that,” he told Bild.

He further added that to make up for it, he would visit employees at the Audi factory in nearby Ingolstadt for an autograph session as soon as coronavirus restrictions had been lifted.

The Automobile manufacturer(Audi)owns 8.33 percent of Bayern shares and recently signed a new sponsorship deal with the club until 2029, reportedly worth around 800 million euros.

League games in Germany were suspended amid the coronavirus pandemic, but Bayern and other Bundesliga teams returned to training in small groups while maintaining the social distance measure as advised by the government.

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