Bayern Munich imposes fine on Jerome Boateng for disobeying lockdown rules

Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich have imposed a fine on Jerome Boateng for disobeying the restrictions on movement by the Bavarian state government.

Boateng traveled to Leipzig to visit his sick son, without the permission of the club, and in the process crashed his Mercedes on the motorway on his return from the journey.

The Former Manchester City defender was caught in a hail storm and skied off the road as he attempted to switch lane in the snow while driving, a car with summer tyres.

The 31-year-old came out of the auto crash unhurt, but his car suffered damage worth €25,000.

A statement released by Bayern Munich confirmed that Boateng has been fined and the club will donate the money to Munich hospital.

“Bayern defender Jerome Boateng left Munich yesterday without permission from the club,” the statement read. “Boateng has transgressed the guidelines issued by the club by being too far away from his home.

“These guidelines govern the behaviour of the FC Bayern players in the current situation in line with the Bavarian state government’s directives on restrictions on movement and the recommendations of the health authorities.


“FC Bayern believes the club has a responsibility to be a role model. As a consequence of this transgression, the club has decided to impose a fine on Boateng. The club will donate the money to Munich hospitals.”

The German International defender has accepted the fine while showing no understanding of it.

“I would accept any fine there is in this world if it is justified, and I know that it surely was a mistake to not inform the club about my trip,”

And I know that it was certainly a mistake not to let the club know about my trip, but at that moment I was just thinking about my son.

“His health was not good. When a son calls his father, of course, I’ll still go, no matter what time.

“I accept every fine for him, after all, that’s my son.

“I want to see the father who doesn’t leave in such a moment to be with his four-year-old son. I think it’s sad,” he told Bild.

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